Tips For Using MII

Carpet cleaning:
If you have stains here and there, spot treating is an amazing solution. Miracle II really gets it done. I have seen it work on all types of rugs and carpets, even white berber. I always suggest people try it on a small inconspicuous spot first to make sure it will work with your rug or carpet.  I have seen it work on very old stains, cat urine stains, food, grease, and even dark chocolate yogurt that was flung across white carpet after a child fell. : )  This child and I ended up having  a blast watching it miraculously clean it up. MII makes cleaning fun and safe and keeps the peace. So here is what you do. Take a squirt bottle and fill it with water and add a little soap to it. In 8oz of water I would add 1/4 teaspoon of soap. You can adjust these measurements by how much water your squirt bottle holds. Then squirt each stain until it is good and wet and let it set for 5 to 20 minutes. Don't leave it on so long that it dries. After a few minutes take a clean dry towel and go to each spot and press down to absorb all the liquid. You can rub a bit if needed. Then take the rag and gently fluff the carpet back up and let it dry. It is so fast and easy it is instant gratification. Sometimes stubborn stains may take 2 or 3 tries. Once in awhile I have come across a stain it will only lighten but it is a rare occurrence.

To use it in a shampooer this is what I do. Only use it in a home shampooer. Rentals are too gunked up with other chemicals. Take the receptacle and put 1 cup of neutralizer, 1/2 tsp soap, a few drops of essential oil*(optional) and fill the rest with hot water. The amount of soap can be adjusted but too much and it gets too bubbly. Then shampoo as usually. Again, try a bit on a small area before doing the whole carpet. I have carpet in my den in the basement. I do this once a year and it keeps it clean, fresh smelling and mold free. The humidity down there can get very high even with a dehumidifier plus I have a few indoor animals so it is a real life saver. I also use this once in awhile on my area rug in my living room. Really gets up the dirt.

* I use Young Living Thieves or Purification. Again this is optional.

Bubble Baths:
Put one ounce of  soap (regular or moisturizing) plus one ounce of neutralizer in the tub as the water is running. This will make a luxurious bubble bath. This is a bubble bath women can use with no worries. People have told me it soothes and takes away yeast infections and I have never had a report of it causing a urinary tract infection. I begin and my husband ends every day with this bath. We have for 15 years and believe it is the best thing for our health and energy level. Make the water a comfortable temperature and soak for 15-20 minutes or as long as you have time. I have testimonies of people who have found metal specks, plaque, oil, dirt, parasites and unidentifiable things in their bath after they got out. Clayton use to get water samples all the time from people who wanted to show him what came out of their body when they took this bath. To see for yourself, take the bath and then let it set overnight so the residue can settle to the bottom. I also have testimonies where this has helped with shingles.

If you want to make the bath stronger you can add more neutralizer or a laundry ball. Don't add more soap as it can become too drying. If you do experience dryness reduce the amount of soap. The one ounce recommendation is average. For kids use 1/2 ounce or one tablespoon. I use one ounce each day and have no issues with dry skin but everyone is different. The laundry ball is great for adding to the bath. Just swish it through the tub and leave it at the bottom. It adds extra negative ions. You can use the laundry ball back and forth between the laundry and the bath. Makes it worth twice as much.

The first few baths I suggest showering afterwards. This helps rinse off any residue or toxins you may have pulled out of the body. Some people report a tingling after the bath and showering off seems to help.

I have many people tell me they use their bath time as a time of prayer. One lady compares it to the pools of Bethesda and the stirring of the water.

I have customers that could not use any soap of any kind to bathe with. They were allergic to every type even those from the Health Food Store. That is until they found Miracle II. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to all of a sudden be able to take a babble bath!!!

Funny true story - I have one guy that told me he puts on a snorkel mask and actually lays at the bottom of his tub the whole time. He made me laugh. I have yet to try it.

The green color in the soap is a few drops of seaweed based food gum. The soap would be clear if this were not added. It is green to help identify it easily from the neutralizer.

1. natural bubble bath that detoxifies
2. relaxing yet you get out energized and with a sense of well being. Most people report if taken in the morning you feel ready for the day, if taken at night you sleep soundly.
3. cleans the body in a way you have never felt before
4. no bath tub ring
5. soothes sore muscles
6. raises the pH
7. adds negative ions to the water
8. opens the pores on the skin, your biggest organ for detoxifying
9. helps eczema
10. reduces stress and depression
11. kids love to play in the bubble bath & it makes you very popular with them - has helped a lot with childhood eczema
12. you can use your bath water when you are finished to water your indoor and outdoor plants
13. a fun easy way to improve your health

 Be careful when putting the soap in a Jacuzzi tub. Use very sparingly or you will have more bubbles than you know what to do with. Start with a teaspoon of soap and go up from there. Too much of anything is not fun.

I think the question I get asked most is how I use Miracle II on my hair. I am 52 years old and have about 45% grey. I have never colored my hair and have been told that means I have virgin hair, ha. It is thick and hangs about 4 inches below my shoulders. I get compliments on it often. When I was in my 20's I  had a problem with split ends. My husband worked in a health food store in California so I had access to all kinds of natural products but until Miracle II none really impressed me. Now when I go to my hair dresser's every 6 months she says I have no split ends. She says my hair is soft and thick and wants to know if I want the ends trimmed along with the bang. That it isn't necessary.

This is what I do and have gleaned from customers.

I wash my hair 2-3 times a week with  1/2 teaspoon of straight regular soap on very wet hair. I suds up and wash for about 5 minutes working the suds down to the scalp. Then I rinse. I get out of the tub/shower and towel dry my hair and then put a tablespoon of gel on the roots and scalp working  it through to the ends. Then I take a nickel sized dab of lotion, rub it around the palms of my hands and then rub it on the last 6-8 inches of my hair. I leave the gel and lotion in my hair and comb it through and style it.  I let my hair air dry except my bangs which I style with a blow dryer. If I want a little lift to the bangs I will put a pea sized dab of gel on them and let it air dry. It will work like any hair gel. The good part is if you decide you don't like the stiff look of the gel in your hair you just brush it or fluff it with you fingers and the hair turns soft again. You can reapply the gel over and over and it doesn't get gunky.  On the days I don't shampoo I spritz my hair with straight neutralizer from a spray bottle and fluff and style. So easy.

Some people keep a bottle of 50% soap and 50% water in their shower and use this on their body and hair.

If your hair is oily you can use the soap daily.

For fine or very short hair, after washing with the soap,  you may want to stick with the gel in your hair and skip the lotion. If you want to use the lotion experiment with a tiny bit.

Some people like using moisturizing soap on their hair. They swear by it. We are all different. I personally like using regular soap and then choosing where the lotion goes. When I used the moisturizing soap I found it would put lotion on the roots which would leave my hair flat. Again, experiment

My husband washes with the regular soap and uses gel on his hair daily and it has stopped all hair loss. He is 53 and about 10 years ago started losing a little bit of hair on the  back of his head. Once he started using the gel it stopped and now the spot is almost gone.

I have had reports of hair turning back from grey to its original color. I have not had this experience though maybe it would be greyer if I didn't use the product. Hard to tell.

If you color your hair be aware that it may lighten the color. As someone told me once, "Miracle II doesn't know which chemicals you would like to keep." Coloring hair is expensive so I want people to be aware of this.

I have had good reports about dandruff and scalp eczema. Took both away. One guy had dandruff so bad it came off in large patches, "sheets" he called it. Now it is gone. One little boy had eczema so bad in his hair that it would weep and his mom would have to grease his hair and slowly work the matted hair free. It was traumatic for both of them. She was thrilled that the Miracle II cleared it all up. I was too!

Washing Clothes With Miracle II Soap:
I have used the Miracle II soap in both a top loader and a front loader. Works great in both. In a top loader I would use 1-2 tablespoons and in a front loader 1/4 to 1/2 of the receptacle, probably about 1-2 teaspoons.  Once in awhile if I wash bathroom rugs or a certain type of blanket it will over suds and I have to rewash them but for most loads it works great.  The clothes come out smelling fresh and clean and perfume free.  Put the soap in a top loader as it fills  and once the water level reaches a few gallons add clothes.

I only use regular soap for the laundry. I noticed after using the moisturizing soap a few very tiny oil spots on my clothes. You had to look close to see them but felt it was worth switching to regular soap. Some people have told me they like the moisturizing soap because it makes the clothes feel softer. The choice is yours.

If you have clothes with stains, old or new,  do a pretreat. A guy told me once he had 9 polo shirts in the back of his closet he could no longer wear because of stains. He did the pretreat and wash and was thrilled that the stains came out and he could wear them again. I have a spray bottle in my laundry room with 3/4 parts neutralizer and 1/4 part soap that I spray on stains a few hours before I wash them. Most times this will get out a stain. If  you are concerned about a tough stain you can hand wash the stain with a few drops of soap mixed in water and scrub and then wash as usual.

If there are underarm odors spot treat before washing. It really gets the odor out.

One word of caution. I  had one person tell me a white wool sweater turned green in one spot from the soap. She had used the soap too strong and close to full strength on a stain. I have been washing with it for 15 years and have had nothing turn green. It was probably some type of reaction with a specific fabric. Always water the soap way down before putting it on clothes just to be sure. If in doubt try on a small hidden area first.

Miracle II does not have any bleaching agent in it. A good thing for our health but not for white clothes. Bright white is not a natural color but does look nice worn in the summer. If you have hard water or water with lots of minerals your whites may dull with time. White vinegar, baking soda and borax are some natural products you can try to help keep them white. Hanging clothes outside on the line helps whiten whites. Once a year in the summer I will wash my whites in a harsh detergent and then double rinse and then end with a Miracle II wash and hang on the line. I love whites but not chemicals so I take a day to do the extra work to make sure and get the chemicals back out.  My health always trumps my vanity. Remember, chemicals on your clothes come in contact with your skin, your biggest organ.

After washing my clothes I just put them in the dryer normally. I don't use dryer sheets, ever. In my 20's I had a nutritionist tell me using dryer sheets was basically coating your fresh clean clothes in harsh chemicals and putting them on your body. I get a headache from most perfumed laundry products. I want to smell like nothing and clean, not chemical perfumes. I decided to mostly wear cotton clothes years ago. They don't get static and hold up the best. My dressier clothes made of hand wash materials I just spot clean. They stay clean for years just doing that. Spraying a small cloth with neutralizer and throwing in the dryer with the wet clothes can help with static according to a few customers. Miracle II  has a dryer ball that I have gotten a few good reports on. it is a ball filled with soap and neutralizer that gets tossed into the dryer and reduces static.

Cleaning Teeth:
If you were to ask 10 people how they use Miracle II on their teeth you would get 10 different answers. Seems like most people experiment and come up with their own formula. Here is mine and a few others.

I put a drop of soap on a wet toothbrush and brush for a few minutes and then rinse. I then floss and then brush them the same way a second time. This makes my teeth feel like they are dentist clean. Then I take a a little neutralizer and swish and then spit. Once a week or so I will use a whitening toothpaste that has an abrasive.

Some swear by moisturizing soap as a way to whiten teeth.

I know one person that mixes 4 tablespoon gel, a drop of soap and a drop of peppermint oil and uses that to brush. They keep it in a  squeeze bottle.

Some people just use straight gel or straight neutralizer on their brush and nothing else.

I have a few dental hygienists that like the MII products. They are impressed by how they clean teeth and gums. They have seen gum disease greatly improve with daily use.

Also, check out the testimony page. I have a few testimonies about using MII to brush teeth.

Laundry Ball:
The laundry ball intrigues people and they love to see what it can do. To me it seems straight out of a Dr Seuss cartoon. Clayton told me how the laundry ball came to be. He felt like God told him to contain the soap and neutralizer and it would clean clothes. So he took an 8oz bottle and filled it with equal parts soap and neutralizer and threw it in the laundry. It worked great but broke after a few washes. He was out traveling and came across a toy store with these spike rubber balls. When he asked the owner about them he said they were on sale, the company was going out of business. Well Clayton bought every ball he had. He said they were rolling all over the back of his car.  He then contacted the company that manufactured them. Needless to say, he put the guy back in business.

The following is what I have learned and what I have been told.

In my opinion the laundry ball works on 75% of the clothes all by itself with no extra soap. The clothes it works best on are towels, sheets, and regular clothes. The clothes where soap is needed are extra dirty clothes like farm or work clothes and underwear.  With the ball you can use less soap on these clothes but it is still necessary. The Amish love the laundry ball for their clothes. They feel it works for all clothes without anything else added. The spikes work like tiny fingers that help scrub the dirt loose.

I have had a few people tell me that by placing a laundry ball in the refrigerator food last a week or two longer.

Dish Washer:
I have had mixed reviews on this. Some rave about how putting it on the top shelf while running the dish washer cleans great while others have been disappointed. It may depend on the water. I have never in my life owned a dish washer so don't have first hand experience. I am the dish washer.

Swish the ball around and then place it in the bath while it runs to add extra negative ions to the bath. You can leave it in the bath while you take it. I have one on the edge of my bathtub for this.

One lady I know had breast pain so she wore one of the balls in her bra…haha. She swears it took the pain away. The funniest part of the story is she was working in her garden when her neighbor came over to ask a question. She didn't have time to remove it. The neighbor's eyes immediately looked entertained. She was laughing as she told the story. Can you imagine trying to explain that one.

 Quite a few people have told me they sleep with one or more balls at night for pain in the joints and back.

I read a testimony on another website once where a dog had a stroke and by sleeping with the ball with time overcame everything and could run again.

One time my youngest daughter had a cold and had gone to take a nap on the couch. I went over to see if she was feeling better and rub her back. She was totally under the covers, head and all. When I pulled them back she had a laundry ball in there with her. I asked her why and she said it made her feel better.

I have a story in my testimony section about a lady with dystonia spasms and how the ball helped.

I have had 2 people ask for the smallest ball the warehouse has(they vary in size) so they could use it to squeeze and help strengthen their hands after surgery.

Put the ball on the bottom of the tub or on the floor and roll your feet on it for a great foot massage. It also feels wonderful to have another person use it to roll on your back.

I have had a few people tell me they put a ball in their watering can. One lady in particular says it saved a plant she was trying to revive. She had been trying to get the plant(can't remember what kind) to flourish with no success and then decided to try the ball in her watering can. She said the results were dramatic.

One lady in Hawaii told me that by using this method she saw colors in her flowers she had never seen before. She was also having trouble getting a plant to take root and with this method within a month saw over 40 new shoots.

I think the most interesting comment I ever got about the ball was from a missionary in Mexico. She asked me how I made any money selling MII. When I asked her why, she said that all she had to do was swish and place the ball in her dish water, laundry or bath tub and it cleaned wonderfully. That it was all she needed and the ball lasts at least 3 years. I laughed and replied that most people like bubbles.

Cleaning house:
there are three basic solutions for different types of cleaning:
For clarity:
1 ounce = 2 tablespoons - I get asked this once a week.
1/2 ounce = 1 tablespoon
4 - ounces = 1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons
1/8 ounce = 3/4 teaspoon

One time I had a guy call me and say he was looking at his table. He had gone through his bathroom, kitchen, garage, closets, cupboards, and basement and had put all of his cleaning supplies on his dining room table and it completely filled it. Many were toxic. Then on a smaller table he had a gallon of soap and a gallon of neutralizer and it blew him away that these two simple items could replace this table full of products. He realized how economical the product really was. I have been using MII for over 15 years and it still excites me. We have to clean and bathe so why not do it in a healthful, economical, fun way?

a) light cleaning - glass, countertops, refrigerator etc. - 1/8 ounce of soap to a quart of water. Ok, that is what it says in the old MII book. What is 1/8 of an ounce??? Well I looked it up and that means 3/4 of a teaspoon. This will make glass sparkle. I have cleaning ladies as customers that love MIracle II for this.

Cleaning a stainless steel refrigerator use to be a tedious smelly job until I tried this. Take this solution of soap, put it in a spray bottle and spray your fridge. Not too much but enough to wipe down the whole thing. Take a wet rag and rub all the fingerprints and dirt off. Then take a dry paper towel and dry completely like glass. It does a better job than the petroleum based product that comes with the appliance.  Do the exact same thing for glass.

When I make a sinkful of soapy water for washing produce or dishes I will take my rag and wash down the cutting boards, counter and oven first. Easy way to clean up the kitchen in a hurry. Miracle II is the great multitasker.

b) medium cleaning -  floors, bathroom tile, cabinets etc. -1 to 2 ounces of regular soap to 32oz of water

To wash the toilet I just put 1 or 2 tablespoons of soap into the bowl. I let it set for  20 minutes. Then I take one of those green scrubbers and scrub it down, flush and then paper towel it dry. Cleans as good as any other cleaner and no more odor. Then I spray the rest of the toilet down and wipe the outside parts with a clean paper towel. I feel like Mrs. Clean.

c) heavy cleaning - wax stripping, floors, grease traps, oven, crazy glue, oil stain in garage etc -  3 to 4 ounces of regular soap in a quart of water

My daughter was hired to be executive chef at a golf course and after the winter went in to get the kitchen ready. This was her first time in the kitchen and she could not believe how dirty and greasy it was. She came and got a gallon of soap and washed the whole place down. Cleaned it completely grease free. She was so glad she didn't have to use chemicals on that long hard job. It would have been hard on her hands let alone on her body and lungs. Of course some things have to be cleaned to code with certain chemicals but the majority of it she was able to do with MII.

Important - Washing the face: This is why I tell people to water the soap way down for the body and especially the face. I had one lady use the Miracle II moisturizing soap straight on a wet washcloth to wash her face. She would scrub for a few minutes and then rinse and dry. She went to a spa and they told her she had a very dry face. She called me to complain and I was shocked how she was using the soap. If you put 4 ounces in 32 oz of water to clean an oil stain on a garage floor you sure don't want to put it full strength on your face. No face is that dirty.We need to keep the natural oils in our face.  The face is very delicate and should be treated so. I always tell people to either use their bath water and their finger to wash their face or put 3-5 drops of soap in a basin of water and use their finger to wash, rinse well and dab dry with a hand towel. I personally feel a washcloth, especially one reused a few times, is too germy and rough for the face skin. We have the right amount of ridges in our hands and fingers to do the job. This same lady started using the soap this way and she called a month later to tell me her face was so much softer, that the soap really did clean in such a small amount and that now she could use either soap, regular or moisturizing, that neither dried her skin.

If you want more power to the above formulas you can add the same amount of neutralizer to each solution. It is not necessary but will give it more punch.

Foot Bath:
Take a small tub, bowl or foot spa and fill with warm/hot water, not too hot - don't scald yourself,  and add 1 tsp of soap and one tablespoon of neutralizer. Soak your feet while you work on the computer, talk on the phone or watch TV. Soak for 20 minutes to 1/2 hour. The feet have some of the biggest pores on our body and the foot soak is great for pulling out toxins. This is a great alternative for those who can't get down into a tub and do the Miracle II bath. I have testimonies of people who swear their feet were perfectly clean when they started and yet when they finished they had lots of dirt  and plaque in the bottom of the bowl. Do this once a week or once a day. Once done, you can rub lotion or gel into the feet.
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