This page will be dedicated to testimonies about Miracle II:

It has been brought to my attention that there are other websites who have copy and pasted my testimonies to use on their own Miracle II sites. That is fine and I welcome it if it will help someone. That said, I do not copy and paste any of my testimonies. My thinking is if I don't know the person whose testimony it is I don't know if it is true or not. If someone calls me and wants to talk about a testimony I want to be able to know who I am talking about. So rest assured, every testimony listed below is my own, from my family, from a personal friend or from a Miracle II customer who called and told me the story themselves. I spend a lot of time talking with people and with that have learned many many things Miracle II has done for others. It is a delightful part of my life and I have gained much from it.

A  new testimony:

NEW:  In her own word. A mom from Utah:

I have some testimonials for you that might be helpful for others:

My 18 year old son had so many planter warts on his feet that they covered the most part if his upper foot. The podiatrist felt our best option was to blister them off. We went in for two or three treatments. The skin around his warts was becoming so damaged that the podiatrist became worried it could rip and get infected. After one of the treatments, my son had to call in sick at work because he couldn't walk on that foot. After the fourth treatment, the blistering was no longer working and the warts were growing more aggressively. 

I had read the other testimonials about Miracle II working on fungus and bacteria so we decided why not try it on a virus. We had absolutely nothing to loose except for some very painful warts. ;) Every night before bed my son would file down the warts with a pumice stone, put on the Miracle II 7x gel, and then cover it so it would absorb into the skin over night. We literally watched his warts dissolve over two weeks time. The wart seed bed would dry up into a scab and slough off with the pumice stone. 

For us, this was a very much appreciated and needed miracle. The podiatrist was just as amazed as we were and said that if it worked on planter warts, it'd work on any wart. 

In addition, during this time I had a surgery which caused a great deal of bruising and pain. I had noticed that the 7x gel seemed to act as a healing accelerant so I decided to try putting it on my surgical sites. Sure enough, by using the gel 3-4 times a day I healed up in about half the expected recovery time and every time I used it, I felt immediate pain relief that lasted a bit over an hour afterwards. 

I absolutely LOVE having something that is natural, non-toxic, and multipurpose. Thank you! Thank you!!


Our original testimony

 Our daughter developed eczema when she was 18 months old. At first the pediatrition thought it was ringworm because she had one raw patch inside her elbow and nothing else. When it spread to the other elbow and then behind her knees it was obvious she had eczema. For the next 13 years we visited many doctors, chiroprators, nutritionists, read articles and tried many lotions and diets with very little help. On good days she just had a rash here and there but on bad days she looked like she had poison ivy. It started traveling all over her body. From head to toe sometimes.  When she was little she would scratch all the time but it didn't seem to bother her otherwise but when she turned 13-14 she became embarrassed by it. I took her to the doctor who prescribed many medicines but the only thing that touched it was a strong cortisone cream. The cortisone could only be use 7 days on and 7 days off. On the off days it would start to come back. It was frustrating because except for the eczema she was a very healthy kid.

That was when a friend from California sent me a booklet about Miracle II. I read it and thought it sounded hokey and threw the flier in the trash. I didn't want to get my daughter's hopes up again, especially over something that sounded too good to be true. She retrieved the flier from the trash and asked me to buy it so she could try it. Of course I did. I had 2 bottles sent overnight, one soap and one neutralizer. The first thing we noticed was the Miracle II bath didn't leave her itchy like all previous baths.  It was amazing and a good sign. It took 6 months but over that time her skin transformed and it finally went away. That was 14 years ago and she is still eczema free. To this day she only uses Miracle II soap and neutralizer in her bath and rubs gel on afterwards. I remember the day that touched me the most. She came downstairs is a cute sundress ready to go somewhere. Before that she had always worn long pants and long sleeves(even on hot days) to stay covered up. I actually teared up seeing her arms and legs. Now she has clear beautiful skin. It was a total miracle for her and us.

Puss in Boots
We had a 15 lb black cat named Petey, with white boots, bib and whiskers. Just beautiful. One day he and our Australian Shepherd got into a fight and Petey ended up with a compound fracture on his front paw. Our dog got away with just a good scratch on his nose and a scolding from me. Petey ran under the porch and wouldn't come out. Finally, the next morning we were able to coax him out with food. I called our vet and told him I was coming in but wanted him to work with me and my MII products. He agree. Once there and after the x-ray he advised me to amputate the leg. The bone was  splintered and there was not much left of the bone to bind. He was also very worried about infection. I told him about Miracle II and that before we amputated I wanted to try setting the leg. He warned me we had less than 5% chance for it to heal but agreed. I think he figured if this crazy lady wants to pay for a cast and then for the  amputation who was he to argue. So I instructed him to put a generous bit of gel all along the leg before setting it which he did. I laughed because Petey came out of surgery wearing a neon pink cast. For the next 6 weeks Petey lived in our art room and got 4 syringes of  neutralizer by mouth plus some in his water daily. He never had a fever or any signs of infection. I also rubbed gel on the part of his leg that wasn't covered. One time about 5 weeks into it he did manage to remove the cast so I slathered his leg with gel and rewrapped it the best I could.  We also gave him purr therapy. We would rub him lots during the day until he purred so hard he was drooling and chirping. He was living the life.Well, I have to say the vet was shocked. The  bone healed beautifully. You couldn't tell he had ever broken it. That was 11 years ago and Petey passed away at 19 years old 2 months ago, 133 people years I think.  He didn't look a day over 10 and never had any other health issues. For those 11 years he kneaded biscuits, climbed trees and ran with no problems. He lived a full kitty life. I loved when I saw his white paws running up in the dark to join our family at our summer bonfires. His favorite sleeping spot was on my front porch chair and he always had that leg stretched out in front of him as if to say," look at that!" He is/was a constant reminder to me to never to give up. I am so glad we were able to save his white boot.

3. A Canary in a Coal Mine
People are always asking me if Miracle II is safe and natural. One of my favorite illustrations of how safe MII is comes from a story a lady in NM told me.
Her canary, Dominique, was very sick. He had stopped singing, had lost his feathers and was sitting daily at the bottom of his cage instead of his perch. This lady was very sad and called her vet but nothing they did seemed to help. She felt she was losing him. A mutual friend and nutritionist went over and suggested they dunk the canary in straight neutralizer but then they thought that may terrify him so much he would have a heart attack. So then they thought maybe they should get a fine mister and mist the little guy down until he was soaked. This they did. Within a week he was back to singing, was regrowing feathers and on his perch. The thought of Dominique singing after his neutralizer "shower" makes me smile. I got a hand written letter from this lady thanking me for MII and for helping her little friend.  In the old days coal miners would take canaries down in with them because they are very sensitive and if they died they knew to get out of the area, that the air was bad. So for this little canary to get his health back from MII seems to say how safe and awesome MII is.

4. Black Dot Evidence
 I have a friend that runs a day care service. In the summer she  has a pool for the kids to enjoy. This one day the kids were getting  out of the pool and in their excitement started jumping on the deck.  All of a sudden my friend saw 3 bees come flying up from between the  wood slats on the floor. She hurried and pushed the kids inside. The children were safe but the bees came flying right at her face. One stung her on the eyelid but the other one got stuck in her eyelashes . It stung her on the white  of her eye!  She said the pain was the worst she had ever felt. Also, her eye started to swell before she even got in the door. Immediately  she ran in the house, grabbed neutralizer, put her head back over the  kitchen sink and doused her eye. The stinging stopped within seconds.  She felt something and got it out of her eye. It was the stinger. For the next couple of hours she kept putting more neutralizer in her eye and using an ice pack. Later that night she had a chiropractic appointment. She was telling him the story  and he was skeptical because her eye looked completely normal. That was until she opened it wide and showed him the black dot from the puncture on the white of her eye. He was amazed. It was fun hearing the excitement in her voice as she was telling  me the story.

5.7X Gel…The Bee's Knees And A Landscaper's Best Friend
My husband is very allergic to poison ivy and semi allergic to bee stings. He is a landscaper and while at work carries a bottle of 7x gel with him at all times. From the heat in his truck during the warm months it does turn liquid but it still works. It is his "emergency room" in a bottle.

When he was little and until we found MII if he got into poison ivy it would quickly spread to his whole body. It would weep so badly we would have to set up a mattress in the living room and cover it with a white sheet which had to be washed each day. He would live in there for weeks. Usually he would end up on prednisone. Now, if he is at work and thinks he has gotten into poison ivy he will put the 7x gel on it every few hours. When he gets home he will scrub in the MII bath with extra soap and then shower off . He will then reapply the gel every few hours. He still gets it but not even close to how it use to be. He will get a red itchy patch here and there. Some of the patches will weep a little for a day and then start to dry up. Total of 3-4 days now instead of the usual 21 days. He hasn't had to take prednisone or sleep in the living room now in the 15 years we have been using MII. He is so thankful.

He is also semi allergic to bees. Before MII if he got stung on his finger he would swell all the way to his elbow. The swelling would last a few days and be very itchy. Now the second he gets stung he rubs 7x gel into it a few times. It swells just in the direct area but by the time he gets home at the end of the day there is no sign of a bee sting. The gel takes the burn out of a sting within seconds.

One time I put the regular gel on a little 18 month old girl when she got a bee sting on her foot. She cried almost immediately after getting stung and we all went running to her aid. Once I put the gel on she tried to continue her crying for the sympathy but finally gave up and looked relieved. It's kind of like magic how fast it takes the burn out. I usually carry a little in my purse for those everyday emergencies.  From that day on every time she got hurt  she would say, "gel" and run to the room her mom kept it in. Even children know how awesome it is.

Funny story. MY husband LOVES 7x gel. He thinks it is the greatest invention ever. One day he came home all excited and said, "I have another 7x testimony for you!!" Cracks me up how excited he gets. The biting flies were bothering him all day and he had found a great solution. He had slathered 7x gel all over his body and they had left him alone. I was like, "that's great Smooch, but by using 1/4 of the bottle that was a very expensive fly treatment." I suggested next time to use the regular gel and he did and it worked just fine.

Attention: With bee stings always be careful. As awesome as 7x gel is if you get a severe reaction please go the the real emergency room and see a doctor. Be safe and smart.

6. "Pass The Jesus Juice"
My daughter is an executive chef at a high end restaurant in Pittsburgh. She has worked the last 15 years in the industry. She has told me lots of stories about MII from the kitchen. One of the most amazing was this. One night she was working in a kitchen and if you don't already know the pace in most restaurant kitchens if off the charts fast and hectic. Multitasking at its best. She came around the corner and decided to stir a pot of soup before heading to her next job. She grabbed the whisk and made it one turn before she realized its handle had been leaning right over the gas flame. It had basically become a branding iron. She knew instantly she had a major burn. Burns are a weekly happening in the kitchen but this was major. It immediately started to bubble up and looked bad. The other staff insisted she go to the emergency room. She said no she had this stuff from her mom called 7x gel. She would go to the hospital after work. She got the gel and slathered it on her hand, gloved it and worked the rest of the night. The pain went away quickly and by the time she got home the bubbling was gone and her hand looked much better so she decided to skip the emergency room. She put more 7x gel on it and wrapped it. I saw her 3 days later and except for a tiny slight pink area couldn't tell she had been burned. No bubbling, no scab… basically nothing to see. I was pretty amazed. I think it was because she got it on immediately and gloved it. The other kitchen staff were amazed, also. Now, anytime a cook or chef gets burned they will yell,  "hey pass the Jesus Juice down here on the line. " She continues to keep a bottle at each restaurant.

With burns it is always important to have them looked at by a doctor. I would have advised my daughter to go to an urgent care facility to make sure it didn't need treatment. Always seek out professional advise. Burns can get infected or leave scarring if not treated correctly.

7.One Lady, 2 Spider Bites and 3 Days
A lady in Texas was bitten twice by a recluse spider. The first time was horrible. She was in extreme pain. She had to take off work a few weeks, stay in the hospital for a week and had 5000.00 worth of  hospital bills. Plus, they had to cut a large section of tissue from her  leg to get out the infected area. A year or so later it happened again.  The lady went to the  doctor first who tried to lance it but could not get it to drain. He  told her to go home and see what happened. A friend and customer of mine  took her some Miracle II products and suggested she try them. She decided to take her advice. She washed and soaked the area with soap and water and  then slathered Miracle II gel all over it and wrapped it in cellophane. Nothing  seemed to happen for a few day except it was less painful. She continued using Miracle II on it.  On the third day it started to drain like crazy. The swelling and pain went completely away as it drained. She didn't have to take off work and never had to have surgery or even go back to the hospital again. She was so thankful.  She also wanted me to tell people to give it time. That it took 3 days  and she is glad she didn't give up. Here's to her not getting any more bites from those shy arachnids.


8.Bugs in Bubble Jail
This is one story I love to tell. A friend's little boy and I were playing one day and in his kitchen were lots of tiny ants. His dad had set traps and his mom had placed chemical drops around the counter which makes me cringe since it was in the kitchen near food. They had been trying to get control of the situation for a few days and it wasn't going well so I decided to help. Together this little boy and I made a bubble bath in the kitchen sink and scooped up bubbles and placed them onto each group of ants. They couldn't get out and would eventually die and suffocate. I hate to sound mean but it was fun.  We called it putting the ants in bubble jail. To be honest, we were kind of disappointed when there were no more ants left to catch. After about 2 days there was not one ant to be found in the house. It is so wonderful to be able to kill bugs without poisoning the environment. The soap causes any air breathing bugs to drown and suffocate. It is all natural and chemical free so we could wash the dishes with the same solution once we were done jailing the ants.

I have testimonies from down south about how well it works on fire ants. Just take a bucket of soapy water, even left over bath water, and pour it on the hills. Make sure and wear boots and get out of the area once you douse them. No one has said it is a problem but I don't want anyone bit by any ants that escape. Be safe.

I think it is funny to tell people how I use Miracle II and all of a sudden it clicks and they realize I use the same products to brush my teeth and kill bugs. Soooo funny!!

9.Asia, Mysterious Green Goo, and Football Players
This in an old story but a good one. I have a friend who took off for Asia on a spur-of-the-moment trip. While there she woke up one morning and noticed a tiny hole in her calf that wouldn't go away. It started to grow and  scared her so much that she came home to the states and had her doctor look at it. He had no idea what it was but was a little worried. He put her on a 10-day course of antibiotics. That didn't work so the doctor told her he wanted to check her into the hospital to run some tests the following week. She wasn't running a fever or anything but he still wanted to figure out what it was.  It was at that point that she told a mutual friend and Miracle II user about it. They decided to wash the area with the soap and then take a cotton ball soaked in Miracle II Neutralizer and bandage the sore for a couple of days and wait to see if it helped. Her doctor didn't see the harm but still wanted to run tests the next week. It took 2 days but then the sore began to drain a bit of green stuff. It did that for another day, and then it stopped. After that the sore began to dry up. In two weeks the sore was completely gone! Her doctor never really knew what it was but was glad it had healed and gave her a clean bill of health. She was so happy that she bought 15 bottles and handed it out to friends.

Her friend at the time played for the Philadelphia Eagles and she bought him a bottle of MII. When he saw it he said he remembered a Pittsburgh Steeler with a bottle before a game. Every time we see her she tells us some new way she has found to use Miracle II products. One time I walked into a school play and heard someone yell my name from across the auditorium. It was her trying to get my attention to tell me another story. Ha! I love how excited people get about MII. I actually have one customer who played for the Patriots and another who played for the Eagles. This makes me laugh every time I think of these huge defensive linemen enjoying their bubbles.

10."I Don't Think It Will Work But You Can Try"
I had a phone call one evening years ago from a lady in New Hampshire who was already using Miracle II. I could tell right away from her voice she was stressed. As we talked she told me she was in extreme pain from an abscessed tooth. I felt bad for her.  She had been to the dentist and was scheduled for a root canal in a few days but wondered if Miracle II could help her pain. She didn't want to take pain medication. I told her I didn't think it could help something so deep but she could try. We talked a little longer and then she thanked me for my time and hung up. I didn't hear back from her for a few weeks so assumed it hadn't worked. Usually when people are excited they can't wait to call back and tell me their story.  Finally after a few weeks she calls back and said she had been meaning to call. She has the best news she could possibly tell me. The pain subsided dramatically with the first application. She continued and by the time she was due for the root canal the abscess was gone. Her dentist was amazed. She didn't have anything done to her mouth. It was wonderful.

This is what she did. She gently brushed her teeth, her gums and around the sore tooth with a drop of soap on a wet toothbrush. She let the foam sit for a minute and then spit. Then she took  a tablespoon of neutralizer and swished it around her mouth and especially concentrate on the affected tooth. She swished for as long as she could and then spit it out. Then she took some regular gel and rubbed it around the base of the tooth and tried to not move her mouth or tongue for a few minutes to let the gel do its job. She did this a few times a day.

Last year my husband had an abscess. I told him to do what this lady did. He did everything exactly like her except he used 7x gel. His too went away and the dentist laughed and said it would be back but so far 18 months later it is still gone. My husband faithfully goes to the dentist every 6 months but no more mention of an abscess.

As always remember to work with your doctor or dentist when you have health issues. She and my husband needed to make sure the abscesses were gone and no one would have been able to tell them this except their dentist. Infections can cause lots of problems and we need the guide of a professional. We are only given one set of permanent teeth. WE need to take care of them. Dentists help with that.

11.Peace in the Battlefield
I have a friend who recently decided to have her dental implants removed. She didn't like how they looked and felt. The dentist had to put her under and then cut them out. She came home very groggy and with lots of stitches in her mouth. She said she wouldn't look in her mouth or put her tongue on that side of her mouth for fear of what she would find. She knew it had been traumatic.

So while she was recovering she brushed her teeth with the soap and gel and rinsed with the neutralizer. A week later her dentist wanted her to come in for a check up to see how she was healing. He wanted to make sure the stitches were holding and there was no infection. He took one look in her mouth and immediately wanted to know what she was doing. She told him about Miracle II and he was familiar with it. He told her that when she left his office her mouth looked like a battlefield. He was worried about how she was going to heal. He had expected to check her, to hopefully find the stitches holding and no infection, send her home and then take the stitches out in another 7-10 days. When he looked in her mouth the healing was so amazing he said he was going to take out the stitches that day. He had never seen anyone heal that fast.

When she got out of the office she was so excited she called me right away. Her dentist also called me and wanted information on the products. He was impressed.

This same friend has also found that the 7x gel takes away her cold sores in a day. When she would get one before Miracle II it would be a long painful process that lasted a week. Now the second she feels one coming she puts a dab of gel on it  every few hours and it goes away before the day is over.

12.The Secret Suspenders Signal
I have a lot of Amish customers. They love Miracle II. One day a man from Ohio called to order and shared with me this cute story. His dad for some reason dealt with boils on his back often. If he came to church with his suspenders on his son knew all was well. If he had the suspenders off he knew his dad was dealing with a boil on his back. One Sunday at church his dad showed up without his suspenders. Sure enough he had a boil. He described it as the size of a small egg right beside his shoulder blade. His son suggested he put a thick rub of gel on  it. He gave his father a bottle of gel. His dad agreed to try it. The next time he saw him his suspenders were back on and his father shared with excitement that the gel had taken the boil away in just 2 days.

13.Spot Remover
I had a longtime customer and friend from GA call one day with a cool story. I hadn't talked to her in awhile but could hear the excitement in her voice. Her husband had been dealing with skin cancers on his head. He had been having them removed but one the doctor felt needed chemo cream. They were driving home from the appointment talking when they thought about Miracle II. They decided to use the soap and 7x gel first and see if that helped before using the prescribed cream. She said they washed the mole and area with the soap and then applied the 7x gel a few times daily. After some time the mole came off and healthy pink skin was underneath. She said their son is an oncologist and was in town for the holidays and checked the area. He told his dad that the area was clean and cancer free.

14."Mommy, I Love You."
I have a beautiful family from GA that buys Miracle II from me. They are a close knit family with 5 children. I have been blessed to "watch" their children grow up. The day I met them on the phone their youngest daughter was 2 and she is now 14. They call me once in awhile to share the joys and sorrows their family is going through. They shared this sweet story with me on one such call.

The wife had been having trouble with her one ear for years. She couldn't hear out of it at all. She went to the doctor to have it checked out. After the exam he said he had good news and bad news. The good news was he found a growth that was blocking her eardrum but it was benign and not cancer. The bad news was there was nothing he could do for her hearing. She was glad it wasn't cancer but sad there wasn't anything he could do to help her.  She still had good hearing out of the other ear so left thankful. When she began using  the Miracle II she thought she would just put a  drop of neutralizer in her ear to see if it would help. She did this daily.  

One day she and her family were driving to a nearby town and she  started screaming. Her husband thought a bee had gotten into the car and she had been stung and pulled over. She was crying. When she calmed down she told him that their 10 year old son had leaned forward in the car and had whispered, "I love you, mommy" in the deaf ear and she had heard him. She can now hear out of that ear. The growth had shrunk significantly and now her eardrum is able to pick up sound. What a perfect way to find out.

This story brings me to tears because I got a call last year and this same little boy who had grown up to be an amazing young man was killed by another driver in a head on collision as he drove to work. I reminds me to say, "I love you" every chance I get.

15.A Second Chance
An Amish lady from Kentucky shared a story with me about a calf. It was a twin that had been born early in the year. The  other twin was large and healthy but this calf was small and never  really got up or had much energy. She and her husband tried lots of things to help it but it was getting more lethargic and weak with each passing day. Her husband decided  to end its misery and started out the door with a gun. She all of a sudden thought of  Miracle II and asked him to wait and let her give it some neutralizer in water for a few days. They had nothing to lose.  He agreed. She did this and on the 4th day the calf was up running around like any other calf. In a few weeks it had gained a lot of weight and looked like all the other calves born that year. She was so happy that they were able to save it.

16.A Fungus Among Us
A lady here in PA had a bad case of nail fungus for 20 years, was embarrassed by it, and debated trying to cure it with medication. The medication is dangerous and she would have to test her liver monthly if she took it. Crazy!!

Before going the medication route she decided to try soaking her fingers in Miracle II neutralizer. The first thing she saw was that her fingernails turned white and then started to loosen, so she cut off the loose part. She then noticed she was beginning to grow new nails that were healthy and pink. It took a little over a month for all of the fungus to leave and it took 6 months for the new nails to grow out. This lady showed her pharmacist who was amazed because it is something that is supposed to be hard to get rid of. Ha!

Her daughter had it to a lesser degree and got hers to go away just by taking the MII bubble baths. The baths take a little longer but are easier. She is now a manicurist and she has introduced many to Miracle II. While in school the class raved about the products and now her customers do. It is the only product she will use on her clients. She has them soak their hands in the Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer before she works with them.

Here is what the mom did. She took a wide mouth jar and put neutralizer to a level that would cover her fingernails(also works for toes). She would then put her fingers in the jar and soak them for 20 minutes daily. She would reuse this neutralizer for a week and then throw it out and replace it with fresh. This helps save money. She did this until all the fungus was gone. Her daughter said it is good to clean the dead tissue out from under the nail gently to allow the neutralizer to soak deeper.

Since this original testimony I have had others share with me that it helped their nail fungus, also.

One note - when you have nail fungus it is growing between the nail and the nail bed. It has become what is holding the nail in place. So if you kill the fungus the nail will no longer have the "glue" holding it down. The nail will loosen. You can cut it or leave it. It will just be a dead nail until the new one grows out.

17.On the Radio, Uh Oh
This isn't really a testimony but it is a Miracle II story. I discovered Miracle II in 1998. It was never my intention to be a distributor. My nutritionist told me about the products and when they helped my daughter I decided to test the product and company. I discovered lots of extra uses for MII which you may have read on other sites. I also tested the company for integrity and service which I  found to be honest. In that first year I shared it with friends and got to know Clayton.

It was at this time that Clayton called and asked me if I wanted to be on his radio show. I had never met him in person but we had become long distance friends and he knew I was enthusiastic about the products. He explained that he would call me at my home and we would be on the phone and on the radio together. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it.

Most of my life I have dealt with anxiety so being on the radio scared me a bit.  I decided to be brave and do the show. I have been told there is a recording of it that I would love to hear if anyone knows where I can get a copy.  I homeschooled so I told the girls to go upstairs to their rooms to do their school work. We had 3 dogs at the time and I took them downstairs in front of the wood burner to sleep so the house was quiet. I had my husband stay home in case I couldn't do it. He said he would take over if I got scared.  I also wrote up a testimony paper that I sent to Clayton so he could keep me on track.

So I was all ready. Clayton called and told me I would do fine and we were waiting on the phone for the radio show to start. I hear Clayton say, "Hi folks, Clayton here with Kathy Zozula. We are here to talk about how she uses Miracle II."  It was at this moment someone knocked at my door. I kid you not. All 3 dogs came bounding up the stairs and started barking like crazy. I was sitting in my office which is maybe 12 feet from the front door so I could not hear Clayton at all. I had no choice but to excuse myself and help my husband get the door and dogs. I answered the door and it was the UPS man with my Miracle II delivery. The irony was just too funny. Poor Clayton was left entertaining the radio audience while I was dealing with my soap order…haha. I remember coming back and hearing Clayton say, "I told you folks, this is live" and then chuckling. I was embarrassed to say the least but ended up having a great time talking on the radio and to this day love telling the story.

18. Keep Looking Forward
One day I got a call from a lady in OH. She had an amazing, heartwarming story. For years, I want to say 9, she had suffered from Dystonia Spasms.  This is when the brain is at war with the body. Her chin was stuck to her shoulder. She had been receiving cortisone and botox injections to try and keep the spasms from becoming too tight but they weren't helping much. Her doctor told her that with time the spasms would eventually take her life. Very sad.

She was at a group meeting with her husband when a friend behind her began rubbing her back with the MII laundry ball. They did this for 20 minutes and then this friend decided to work the ball between her shoulder and chin.  After a little time she felt a click and her head straightened up. She actually for the first time in years looked straight ahead!! This woman hadn't been able to do many things because of the position the Dystonia Spasm had left her. Now here she was looking forward. Her husband, who was sitting beside her, looked over and when he saw her began to sob. Such a sweet moment.

She is still doing well and has a slight tugging but is able to keep her head straight now and talk on the phone and do other normal everyday things we all take for granted. She keeps it controlled by rubbing the 7x gel into the area daily. She is now helping others with their health. I love that. 1 Peter 4:10.  Take what you have been given and use it to help others.

19. The Third Choice
I had a natural vet from Florida share this amazing story with me. This family came to her with a dog who had stopped eating and whose eye was swollen shut. They were worried and needed help. The vet did an examination and found that the dog had a corneal infection in its eye that was so bad the eye was a millimeter from rupturing. Can you imagine the pain this poor dog was going through?  She said it was one of the worst things she had ever seen. She gave the family three choices.

1. Take the dog to the veterinarian college a few hours away and have them treat it. It was too advanced for her to treat. She warned them that it costs 1000.00 just to walk into the door but they were the only ones she knew who could possibly treat something so severe.

2. Put the dog down. It was in tremendous pain and in very bad shape. That sometimes this is our only option and would let the dog stop suffering.

3. She had this product called Miracle II neutralizer that they could try and see if it helped. She couldn't guarantee anything but they could try. She would give the dog the first treatment and then give them a few ounces for free to take home. That they should put some in his drinking water and put some in his eye 3 times a day. If they didn't see improvement within a day to go with one of the first two options.

They went with the third choice. So the vet put some neutralizer in the dog's eye and sent them home with 2 ounces of neutralizer. She explained to me that it was so inflamed and swollen that she could barely get it open enough to examine it and put drops in it. It was very serious.  She really felt like they would be back the next day to put the dog to sleep but wanted to give them at least a little hope and time to say goodbye.

This is what happened the next week. On the ride home they noticed their dog settled down and fell asleep. when they got home the dog actually jumped out of the car and once inside went to his dish and began eating. Something it hadn't done for a few day. The next day the swelling was down and he was more active. Within 3 days they could actually see a little bit of his eye again. They brought the dog back to the vet in 3 weeks and the eye was completely healed. Looked normal. Needless to say the vet was amazed. I am a huge dog lover so this story really warmed my heart.

20. Nine Lives
On a 4th of July a few years ago I got a call from a lady in Montana with an amazing story. I was getting ready for our yearly summer party and was so busy I almost didn't answer the phone. I am glad I did because she gave me a great story to tell everyone that night around the bonfire. Here is the story:

She started the conversation by saying she had an amazing story and was so excited to tell me. I love that people want to contact me to share their stories. Anyway, her cat came in from being outside and its face was swollen. She assumed it had been in a feline fight. She had been buying MII from me for a few years so decided to put a little neutralizer in her hand and offer it to her cat. He licking it all up. Because it seemed to like it so much she decided to give it a saucer of neutralizer to drink from. He kept licking it up and she kept replenishing it.  He really liked it. She did this for 5 days and then noticed his back leg wasn't moving right.  He was kind of dragging it.  She then thought maybe he had a brain injury from the fight and decided to go to the vet.

Once there the vet was checking the cat over and suddenly looked up startled. It only took him a few minutes to know what had happened and he was dumbfounded. He asked her again when this happened. She said, "over 5 days ago." He said that he didn't understand why this cat was still alive but it was amazing and a miracle. Her cat had been bit by a rattlesnake in the face!! The neutralizer must have been neutralizing the venom. The vet gave him some anti venom and the cat was 100% almost immediately. I am a total cat person so was very happy MII helped this kitty though I think he used up four of his nine lives that day.

I have since learned that this lady is an amazing pianist and composes her own work. As a gift she sent me her CD which I love. So many talented people in the world that I get to meet. I am blessed.


I actually got a call from an actor a long time ago who lived in the canyons outside Los Angeles. He and his girlfriend had been hiking and he got bit by a snake. He didn't know what kind it was but they rushed to the emergency room. Once they got there it was crazy busy with lots of emergencies coming in all at once. They sat there for over an hour waiting to be seen and he got mad and they left. Went home and cleaned it with the soap and then put neutralizer and a gauze on the bite.  It healed up.

He was crazy not to have waited at the emergency room but I am glad he was fine. Please don't take unnecessary risks. D0ctors are here to help and we can't self diagnose.

21.I Can Hear it in Their Voice
Morgellons… a word I didn't even know existed 6 years ago. Since then I have met and talked to many with this problem. This "diseases" is indiscriminate and affects people from many different backgrounds, ages, genders and cultures. I have talked to nurses, office workers, artists, singers, lawyers, lab techs, life coaches, journalist, etc. who have this. I can usually tell if that is why someone has called within 5 minutes by the sound of their voice. They usually have this desperate, strained sound when they talk. Most times they don't want to say the word or explain why they are calling. They have learned to be private about it. They have been shunned and told they are crazy. Many have lost their health, the support of their loved ones and their job because of it. Many are debilitated. They are terrified of giving it to others or being put in a mental institution. This is a very real problem and though I am no expert, not even close, I can tell you most of the stories are very similar with common symptoms.

Now comes the good news. Miracle II seems to be helping many get their life back. Some 100% and others enough to give them relief. It makes me happy to know it is helping. I will share 4 of those stories here:

1.One night I got a call around 10:30 pm from a lady outside of Pittsburgh. There was that voice. It was a sweet young mother who had 4 year old twins and was suffering with this and felt like she couldn't function anymore. She had lesions and exhausted and was terrified of giving it to her girls. We talked a little and then she asked me if she could drive over right then and get some. Since I live way out in the boonies we decided to meet at the gas station. She lives over an hour away so she called me around midnight when she got to the station and I ran over with a bunch of MII in my car. She had her husband and kids with her. I have never met anyone who seemed so terrified about her surroundings. She looked like a deer in the headlights. She would not come closer than 5 feet from me. She showed me her lesions and cuticles which were very thick and swollen. She didn't want me to catch it. Very caring and articulate. She ended up getting soap, neutralizer and gel. I went to hug her as we were saying goodbye and she actually jumped and wouldn't let me.

So I said a prayer it would help her as she and her family drove away. I didn't hear back from her for a month so was worried maybe it hadn't helped. Then I got a call. She apologized for not calling sooner but the MII products had helped her so much she was getting her life back. She felt like she had missed so much in the past few years she was making up for lost time and had been very busy with the kid's school. She had meant to call many times but would get busy and forget. To hear someone with Morgellons say the word "busy" makes me smile.That had to have been over 3 years ago and she still uses MII.

I have a customer from TN who in in her 60's and her story is very similar. The voice, lesions, desperation, worried about giving it to others or of someone figuring out what she has and being shunned. Very intelligent and articulate. Lost most everything in her life. Started using MII and has been for years. She feels it helps but it hasn't taken it completely away. The reason I share her story is for the following quote.

"Kathy, most of my body has healed up except a few patches on my head. I get it under control but if I don't take the bath for 3-4 days it starts to come back." I can't help but smile at that quote. I explained to her that everyone has a health protocol. I use MII, don't eat certain foods, exercise..etc. That as you start to get you health back you need to stay the course.  This isn't a 1 year program and then you go back to your old lifestyle. This IS your new lifestyle, taking care of yourself. The old lifestyle is what gets us into trouble in the first place. If you get your health back and then revert back to the old ways your problems will come back. I told her, "If taking the baths is your protocol, that is a wonderful easy thing. We have to bathe and if just using MII soap and neutralizer helps keep your body functioning and well then that is not a hard thing to keep up." She still orders once a month and is staying the course.

A lady called me from TX with this story. She and her 12 year old daughter were suffering with it. I sent them a gallon of soap and neutralizer and a prayer. It was a few months later that she called to tell me what happened.

She decided to use it first to test it out before using it on her daughter. She started soaking in the baths with an ounce of soap and an ounce of neutralizer. About the second or third day she started to smell burning tar. At first she thought someone was roofing or tarring the roads but no one was. She realized it was something happening in her body. It lasted for a few days and then went away. She liked the bath so she let her daughter start using it. The funny thing is the daughter came up to her and asked if someone was working on the roads. She smelled tar. Her mom just stared and was shocked. We still don't know what that was but I found it interesting that both had the same experience from taking the baths.

I talked to them last year, they order in surplus so I only talk to them once a year. They are both doing wonderful and are sharing their story with others. They both continue to be symptom free.

One Saturday night I was at a bonfire at a friend's campsite. It was around midnight and I got a call from CA.  I waited until I got home a half hour later and called the number back. I figured it was only 9:30 on the west coast. A guy answered and there was that voice again only the worst I had ever hear. He had just been to the emergency room and turned away with the warning, "if he showed up again they were going to put him in a mental health facility, there was nothing wrong with him". He was near tears and sounded desperate and very sick. He told me of a life he use to have helping others and very full. Then one day this thing hit him and everything changed. I tried to encourage him and we talked for over an hour. He told me about his ears and nose turning white and his lesions and feeling so sick he would miss days from sleeping through them. I honestly felt like this was his last attempt to get help. I was worried what he would do. I agreed to send him a gallon on Monday but that it would take 3-4 business days to ship it there. I told him to hang on.

That is when it dawned on me that I had just sent 12-22oz bottles to one of my daughter's friends who also lives in San Francisco. Sunday morning I e-mailed him and asked him if he would be willing to meet this guy at a coffee shop and give him a bottle to use while he waited for his gallon. I told him he was very sick and if it was too much trouble or scary I totally understood. This was this 22 year old's response, "Kathy, that doesn't bother me and I would love to help. Just find out when and where I will gladly take him a bottle." There was no hesitation. Totally blessed me. So they met and this guy from CA had soap within 18 hours of his phone call on a Sunday.  He took his first bath that day.

He still orders a gallon of soap once in awhile. Last I heard he was doing much better and had moved east and was getting his life back.

As I have said before I am in no way an expert on this topic. I personally have never had it. I am just the MII lady and am here to provide MII, a listening ear, a testimony and my time. I talk to people about many many different things. I am not a doctor of any kind and never claim to be, just a distributor with a lot of stories. These people all went to the doctor first.

22. A Horse of a Different Color
We have a pony and a horse. Danny, our pony,  we were given free because he had foundered and could no longer run in the hunt. He is a beautiful spirited Haflinger. It took a good 2 years of working with a farrier to get his hoofs in shape but he is now very sound. Our other horse, Django, was basically a rescue. We bought him for 1000.00 and he was underweight, had lice and a tumor on his eye. He was 18 months old and looked very bad but had potential. He is a Thoroughbred/ Clydesdale cross. He has a very sweet mellow personality and my daughter fell in love with him and wanted to bring him home. She had lots of fun working with him and teaching him to ride. We have had them both over 11 years. They are part of the family.

Anyone who has ever owned a horse, or goat for that matter, knows that there are lots of chemicals involved in maintaining them. There is wormer pastes, fly sprays, liniments, antibiotic ointments, lice powder, vaccines, thrush meds, etc. It really is a catalog of stuff. So, I decided to raise horses "green" with as little use of chemicals as possible.  Django, our horse, got a bath with MII soap the second he arrive on our farm. He was covered in lice and nits. It took 3 baths and lots of combing but after that they were all gone. For worming, I put a cup of neutralizer in their 50 gallon trough once a month. This method also keeps the algae down in the trough so I have to clean it less. I have a vet out once a year to examine them and give them a rabies shot. That is the only chemical they have ever gotten. The vets will ask me what kind of worming paste I want to buy and I tell them about the MII and they poo poo the whole idea. Then I will ask them, "do the horses or goats look wormy?" and they admit that they don't at all. I told one vet that I had gotten rid of Django's lice with the MII soap and he said soap can't do that, that I would need to use a lice powder all over him but could not find one bug or nit on him. I think he just didn't believe me that he ever had them. Believe me, he did. I saw them crawling all over him and especially in his mane. I have witnesses. : ) It was creepy.

Django, as I said had a black rough tumor around half his one eye. The vet said it was benign but  they were known to grow quickly and if it got too big and he couldn't shut his eye we would have to put him down. I started putting the gel on it once every few days. It's funny. I would put some in my hand and he would basically throw his head towards me to put it on himself. Usually horses run if you have stuff to apply but I think he liked how it felt. The tumor is now half the size it started at and smoother and less crusty and has stayed that way for years. It no longer bothers him so I no longer apply the gel.

One time my husband and I were putting a new roof on their out building and as careful as we were one nail must have gotten away from us. Danny stepped on it. The next day my husband found him limping. He had an angry red puncture. MY husband tied him up and got a bucket,  filled it halfway with water and a tablespoon of soap and neutralizer and put his foot down in it. At first he resisted but then relaxed. My husband gave him food and stay with him for 20 minutes to keep it soaking.  Then put gel on it and let him go. We did this 3 times a day. In a day the limping had stopped and in a week it was all gone. That was 4 years ago and no problems since. The vet was on standby but was never needed except for a tetanus shot.

A friend has a beautiful Percheron who had thrush. He lived in a field that got a little boggy when it rained and his hooves were wet most of the time. The vet tried all kinds of thing with no change. Then this girl's mom called me and I suggested soaking his hooves in a bucket of soapy water a few times a day. Sure enough it took it away even though his hooves still stayed wet. That was the part that surprised me. That it worked even though his environment didn't change. Eventually she found a better pasture for him to graze in.

There is a Andalusian farm in WA that told me this testimony. If you have never seen one of these horses they are known for having amazing tails and manes. This one particular mare was allergic to fly bites and lost all of her mane and tail hair. Very sad to see. They started washing her with the soap and spraying her with a weak soap and neutralizer solution and within a few weeks her hair started to grow back. They called really excited. A year later it was almost all grown in.


One horse farm I know uses MII in a barn spray system for flies. I think the system was created to be used with fly spray but they use a weak solution of non-sudsing MII soap in the system with great success.

We also buy local grain and hay from a farmer that grows and cuts his own. Overall I feel like we have been able to raise and keep very healthy horses with very little help from chemicals. They are 25 and 12 years old and this is how it has been the whole time they have lived at Robin Hill Farm.

One more thing, everything we do for the horses we do for our goats. The goats have a 5 gallon bucket and get 1/4 cup of neutralizer in their water once a month. I am not currently milking but  have on and off for 20 years. When I do it gives me great satisfaction knowing my goats drink the neutralizer in their water and that maybe the MII energy is in the milk. I asked the vet about using wormer on the goats and did it get into the milk. He said a little bit but they use these wormers in third world counties on humans, not to worry.  That didn't make me feel better about the worming pastes. I will stick with the neutralizer since so far it does the job.

23. But I Wanted to Keep That One - Botox Detox
Years ago I had a lady call from California and wanted to buy one of everything. She was excited to use Miracle II because she had a friend who loved it and looked wonderful from using it. The day she got her products she went to town washing her face and body, trying the gel and lotion.  She called to tell me how nice and soft her face felt. I love when people do that.

Well, a day later I got a call from her and she was no longer happy. The day before her MII products had arrived she had gone for her routine botox shots and they cost around 500.00. The shots last 4-6 months. The day after she had used the MII products the botox was almost all gone from her face. She couldn't believe it. I felt bad but also amazed. That was the first time I had gotten a report back from someone who uses botox. She had to admit that it was pretty amazing MII was able to do that. We concluded that MII doesn't know what chemicals you would like to keep in your body. Same with hair dye. It will take some of the color out. I was happy that by the end of our conversation she was laughing. She decided to keep the products. The whole experience made her conclude that MII was able to detox and that is a good thing.

So if you use botox or hair dye please be aware. MII will try and clean it up.

24. David and Goliath
A grandmother from the midwest e-mailed me this story. Her grandson was born with stomach and health problems. He was in the hospital most of his first 2 months of life. By the time he was 2 she said he started showing signs of other health issues never present before. After much research and with the help of a naturopath they decided to do chelation therapy with him. I really don't know what that is. I guess after each therapy session this little guy would be irritable and nothing would sooth him. That is until they tried a MII bath. The grandmother called me and was so happy. Her grandson would be fussy after therapy but once he got into the bath he would settle down and then be back to his happy self.  I love that this simple bath can help this little boy with such big problems. They still buy the soap.

25. Kindred Spirits in Israel
A lady from GA called to order and talk about what Miracle II did for her. She was so excited on the phone I had to laugh. She was talking really fast. I will admit, this story kind of blew my mind. She and 21 other women from around the south met and went on a trip to Israel together. While there she and this other woman were the only 2 not to get sick with a stomach bug or food poisoning. Everyone else was vomiting and very sick. No one could understand it since they had all eaten the same things and been together the whole time. Well, since they were the only two who were well, they struck up a friendship.  They hadn't known each other before this trip so started comparing notes. Come to find out they were the only two in the group that were using Miracle II. They couldn't believe it but are convinced that is what kept them from getting ill.

26. Rain Forest
I have a customers from IA who travels around the world ministering to people tell me this story. Sometimes she goes to the South American rain forest in her travels. She told me that a small scratch in this damp place can cause a major life threatening infection. It is a very real danger in what she does. She has found that the soap and gel prevent any infections and always carries the two products with her wherever she goes. She loves how MII is such an incredibly simple and natural solution. One time while in the forest she met up with another group at a camp and they began sharing stories and come to find out they were also using Miracle II. The best part is they both got it from me!! I found it very funny that two groups of people were talking about me in the South American rain forest...haha. My ears were burning.

27. A Man's(and Woman's) Best Friend... Dog Stories
A lady from Chicago called me with a crazy story a few years ago.  She adopted a dog from a family that didn't want it anymore. She said it was a female "Eskimo" dog. This lady went on to explain how the dog, from the minute she brought her home, had been kind of agitated and hyper. She felt it was probably parasites so she put 2 drops of soap on her paws and began adding 7 drops of neutralizer to her water. A few days  later she was startled, actually she said she about fainted, when she saw what was in the living room. The dog had passed a parasite the size of her  pinky with a face and horns(her exact words). She said she found out what kind it was on the internet but forgot the name. I was hoping she would e-mail me later with the name but never did. Anyway, now the dog has calmed way down and seems much happier.

Another friend has a Lab that had a bad case of worms. She and her vet had tried everything. Since this was a black lab it was easy to see nothing was helping. The worms were very visible, that is how bad she had them. She decided to take a syringe and fill it with a drop of soap and the rest neutralizer and give it to her dog 2 times a day for 3 days. Take a break for 3 days and then repeat. She did and that was the end of the worms.

I have another friend who adopted a Rotweiller puppy that wasn't thriving. The shelter had wormed her but this puppy kept having diarrhea and was lethargic. My friend was worried she wasn't going to make it. She started putting the neutralizer in her drinking water and the puppy started to perk up and her stomach settled down. That puppy is now a beautiful giant 2 year old dog.

A riding instructor in our area had a female English Bull dog show up at her farm one day and it had mange very bad all over its head, chest and hips. She and her vet tried a few things but it didn't help. She was telling me about it and I knew she had bought some Miracle II soap from me awhile back so I asked her if she had any left which she did. I suggested she give this dog a bath with  the soap. She did and couldn't believe that the mange started drying up the first day. Every week that I saw her before my daughter's riding class she would excitedly have me see the dog. She never found the owner and kept this wonderful dog. She is white and once the mange was gone she grew a beautiful coat.

Sometime I get a call that breaks my heart. All I want is for the MII to help but sometimes I really feel it is too extreme and have little hope. All I can say is, "I would try". So this older lady calls and her one and only companion is her 13 year old dog who she adores, a male golden retriever mix. She had just come from the vet and the dog had numerous fatty tumors(she said they covered his body) and a large malignant tumor. Their suggestion was to let him live his life until he showed signs of stress and then put him  down. This lady was crying. So I suggested that she give the dog a few bubble baths, rub gel on the tumors and give it a few drops of neutralizer in his drinking water. She thanked me and hung up. I honestly didn't know if it would help. Well, I get a call a month or so later. She was actually giggling. She did what we had talked about. Her dog loved the bath and gel. The fatty tumors all fell off, her words, and the malignant tumor had shrunk to almost nothing. She took her dog back to the vet and he didn't believe it was the same dog. The funniest part is her dog started coming in when she was taking a bath to drink her bath water. She had to start locking her bathroom door just to have peace during her bath time. I was so happy for her. I love thinking of her dog wagging its tail drinking her bath. **Since this story I too had a dog with a fatty tumor that my vet said to just leave. It was very ugly looking so I decided to put gel on it. I only applied the gel twice and then one day there was no more tumor and just a pink wound where it had been. This dried up and never came back.

I get asked a lot about fleas. Yes, MII will kill fleas but if your house is infested you have to get control first. So anytime I bring in a new animal the first thing they get is a MII bath. I learned the hard way about this. We have a farm so once in awhile someone will drop off an animal that they no longer want. One morning in January we heard a puppy crying down by the road and it was a little brindled pitt bull mix. Really cute but so scared. It was probably a Christmas gift gone bad. So we brought it in and raised it until spring and then found a good home for him. We called him Chocolatey and he was very sweet. Anyway, around June I realized that he had been full of dormant flea eggs. We got overrun with fleas. I had never had this happen before. Terrible. I tried spraying down the yard and washing the whole house with a strong solution of MII, and though it helped some, they just kept coming. I had to go get Frontline to get it under control. It took 2 months total. I tell people, MII would work if we could dunk our house in a bath which isn't possible. Houses have so many nooks and crannies for eggs to hide in. This is why I tell people to wash any new animal in a MII bubble bath whether they look like they have fleas or not. Once under control we are able to stay flea free with just the MII. I just bathe the dogs once every few months in the soap. You can also get a hose attachment and fill is with water and a teaspoon or two of soap and hose the yard down. I do this to the dog yard once a year. All of my animals get neutralizer in every dish of water(I have seen a giant raccoon and opossum lately so I have a feeling they are also drinking the neutralizer water). I get my dogs tested for fleas and worms once a year and the tests come back negative. It is a good feeling.

28. Fingernails on a chalkboard!
I describe eczema and the itching like this, " It is like hearing someone scrape their fingernails on a chalkboard at all times. That in itself won't kill you and sometimes you can tune it out but most times you feel on the verge of going crazy and can only think about wanting it to stop!!" It gives me great joy when someone calls and I can hear the relief in their voice.

I had a lady from Oregon call. She had an extreme case of eczema and her naturopath told her not to use any soap to clean her body, only water.  He came to this conclusion by testing her with a machine that basically uses kinesiology. She too found all soaps irritating. Then she discovered MII. She took in a bottle of Miracle II soap hoping he would OK it. She hated just using water and never felt quite clean. He doubted it would be OK but agreed to test it. To his amazement it was fine and actually was beneficial. She is relieved. Can you imagine how wonderful to go from plain water to a MII bubble bath? : )

I had another lady from Oregon call with 5 years old twins who had eczema. She was very frustrated by it so I shared my daughter's testimony and sent her a few bottles of soap. She started giving them baths and got great results. Took it 100% away.  That was at least 7 years ago and they are both still eczema free and growing into beautiful young women. She still gets the soap in bulk and can't imagine life without it. We always have a nice talk when she calls. She also notices that her daughters hardly ever get colds now though their classmates seem to get sick often. She feels it is because the MII bathes are washing off the germs.

A mom called me from New Jersey looking for an answer.  Her son had extreme eczema on his head. He would get sores that would weep and then get matted in with his hair. Once or twice a week she would have to put oil all through his hair and try to slowly work the scabs and matted hair free. It was a painful process. She was near tears telling me about the struggle it was. As careful as she tried to be, sometimes she would make the sore bleed. He was 7 years old and this had been going on awhile. I suggested she start bathing him and washing his hair with Miracle II soap. She did and called me  a month later and was so happy to report the sores were gone. Then she said something that made me smile. She said it was so nice to have him run by and she would grab him, run her hands through his soft hair, and give him a hug. That simple gesture means so much to both of them.

29.From Rosacea to Rosy:
I received this testimony recently from a customer  in NYC. I asked her to share with me her rosacea story. Here it is:

It's hard for me to remember because I had rosacea so long ago, actually before I started using M2 in the late 1990's. I think at first I just used the Neutralizer on my face and it made me feel better and the red blooms on my face went away. I had what I thought was adult acne a bit too. That's when I learned from a doctor that it was rosacea. Wiping my face with the Neutralizer helped a lot. Then I discovered the Gel and started applying it to my face morning and night. After a few weeks, the rosacea went away. As time has gone on and I have started using 7 Plus Gel(7x gel). I use this on my face morning  and night. I don't use anything else. I also don't wear make-up. I can tell you that people spontaneously tell me that I have fabulous skin. The last time was when a friend was in the make-up room at CNN when she was being made up for an interview with Christiane Armanpour. The make-up artist told me I had great skin. I was just sitting there. When people ask me what I do for my skin, it is quite difficult explaining M2 7 Plus Gel. I get the impression that people don't think I'm telling them the truth when I say I don't do anything else. What can I say.

I also find the 7 Plus Gel stops fever blisters from blooming. When I feel one coming on, I just slather the area with the Gel and no fever blister.
I  had the good fortune to actually meet this woman last year. She made me breakfast the last time I was in NYC visiting my daughter. I can assure you, this lady has the most beautiful skin possible. Very clear, smooth and creamy. I would have never known she had rosacea if she hadn't sent me this story.

30. How Did It Do That??
I got a call form a longtime customer a few months back with an unbelievable testimony. When I think I have heard it all I will hear something like this. The woman is from Wisconsin.

She told me that last October she went to the dentist for a checkup. She was told she had an abscess and 2 cavities. She said the billing quote was super high so she decided to get the abscess taken care of first and would wait 6 months and save money to get the cavities filled. So after she got home she remembered that people use the MII products to brush their teeth. She felt that if she was diligent and brushed them twice a day with the soap maybe she could keep the cavities from getting any larger. So she saved, brushed and hoped for the best. After months she went back to have the cavities filled and they were gone. Yep, that is what she said, "gone".  I didn't even think that cavities could be reversed. How is that possible? I have no idea but that is what she and her dentist say.

So now she has lots of money saved and cavity free teeth. A win win, I would say. Needless to say she was pretty excited.

31.Turning Back Time.
I got a call last month from a woman in Lufkin TX with this story. Her husband has had grey temples for years.  He started washing his hair with the MII soap and with time the grey is gone. A mutual friend of theirs and also a MII user was up for a visit and was teasing him about coloring his hair now. He laughed and said it happened naturally while using the MII soap. She was pretty shocked. I actually talked to her too and she confirmed this whole story.I have a naturopath/customer in NM who had told me lots of her clients report the same thing.

Now I will say this isn't fair. I am the MII lady and have been using MII for 15 years and am 50% grey. I get compliments on it because it is thick, long and healthy and am thankful for that but still... 

I am happy for those who are seeing these results, though. I have no explanation for why some do and others don't.

32.Lousy Lice
A few days ago a  customer  from Beaumont, TX called with a testimony, actually 2.  I have known for a long time that the soap works quickly as a lice shampoo. I have heard testimonies about in many times. I had just forgotten. This lady called and reminded me. Her niece and nephew came home with lice and their dad didn't know what to do so he called her for help. She told him to just give them a bubble bath and use the soap to wash their hair. He did as she said and within hours the lice and eggs were shriveled and drying up. They just brushed right out of the hair. Just one shampoo. I feel using the soap in the bath is a great way to prevent it from happening in the first place.

She also told me that she gets intense neck pain. She has found that putting a little soap in water in a squirt bottle help with this. She just sprays the weak soap solution on her neck and she said the pain goes away within minutes and stays away for weeks. Not my words, hers. I have never before heard of someone using the soap this way. She laughed and said her hair gets a little wet and soapy but it is worth it. Makes it curly.

33.Headache Magic Trick
So, a long time ago I had a few customers call me and swear that the gel takes away a headache. I thought it was a cool idea but for some reason never thought it would work for me. I had tried the pressure between the thumb and first finger thing in the past and though it did work temporarily it didn't take it away. I thought the Miracle II gel would do the same thing, take it away temprarily. I was always  an Excedrin kind of girl. I think I liked the caffeine boost. Anything to keep me humming along. It takes away my headaches but leaves me with a weird stomach so I know it isn't really all that good for me. I know too much is bad for the liver. Tylenol and Bayer don't work for me and Advil makes me very sick.

 Well, about 2 months ago I got a headache and instead of going for the Excedrin I decided to give the Miracle II gel a chance. I really didn't think it would take care of it but the old testimonies popped in my head so figure I would give it a go. I figured I would feel good for a little while but it would probably come back.  Ha! It totally took my headache away. I was shocked. I thought it was a happy coincidence. Well, this morning I woke up with another  headache. I think from mowing yesterday with the pollen counts high. So I thought I would give it another try and sure enough as I am writing I am totally headache free. So here is what I was told to do and you can try it, also.

Take regular or 7x gel and put a nickel size dab on your finger and spread it from one temple, across the forehead to the other temple. Then take another dab and run it along the back of your neck just under your hairline. Just quickly run it across both areas and leave it to air dry. Don't rub it in. First it will cool the area and as it dries, at least for me, it will take away the headache. It is kind of like a magic trick. Tada...now you feel it, now you don't. I just wish I had tried it(and listened to my customers) earlier.

34.Wahoo, Let's Raise the Roof
In the last month I have been asked twice if I have any testimonies about shingles. I hear so many things from people that I forget everything I have heard. So, yes, I do have a few shingles testimonies.  I remember 3 separate people who were helped with shingles. The first two were actually in the middle of dealing with the pain and rash. Both got tremendous help by taking a Miracle II bath followed by spraying the area with neutralizer or rubbing with gel. I remember the one lady who had been battling the pain for over a month got total relief within a week which I thought was pretty amazing. She called really excited and relieved.

The third person had battled shingles a few years earlier and upon taking her first baths with Miracle II broke out in a rash similar to shingles but with no pain or irritation and it went away within a week. She felt like the bath had drawn out whatever virus was left of the previous shingles outbreak. We will never know. All she knew is her back looked exactly like it did when she had shingle but with no other symptom and for only a week. It is a mystery.

35. Bleach be Gone
I have a longtime customer from TX that just told me this story. She was in the laundry room getting something and she accidentally hit a bleach bottle and knocked it over and spilled it on dark brown carpet. She panicked and started blotting it up. She then remembered she had a bottle of neutralizer close by. She figured she might as well try and pored it all over the bleach spots hoping for the best. Her carpet stayed brown. She credits the MII neutralizer for neutralizing the bleach.

36. God is in Control(new)
A few years ago I got an early morning phone call from a nice lady in Texas. She told me that there was a package on her front porch for another person from me and wanted me to know. I apologized and asked her if she lived near where it was suppose to be delivered. She said no, that the address on the box was on the other side of town. I told her not to worry, I would contact FedEx and have them take care of it, just to leave it there. She then asks me if, by chance, Miracle II was in the box. I said yes, kind of taken aback, did she know about it? She then says she had been praying to find a new distributor. The lady she had been buying from for years had decided to stop supplying it. She wanted to know if she could order from me now. We both thought it was cool that this simple mistake had found her a new distributor.  We chatted for awhile like old friends and then she placed her order of one gallon of moisturizing soap and I hung up. I then contacted the guy about his order, to apologize and tell him it would be fixed in a day or two. He was very nice and said he had plenty to hold him awhile. He always ordered in advance to make sure he never ran out. It was then I realized what he had ordered and asked him if he would be OK if I sent him a new order and he was. He liked being part of the story. I called the lady back and said, "Guess what?! You know how you were praying to God for a new source of your MII soap? Well, guess what is in that box that was place on your porch? A gallon of Moisturizing soap and you can keep it. I don't think this was a mistake." Well she screamed and we were both so excited how God works. It was a small yet beautiful miracle. We talk about it every time she calls to place an order. Needless to say I had a smile on my face all day. God is the coolest boss...haha.

Disclaimer: Always work with a health professional and seek out their advise. These are just testimonies of people who use Miracle II. These are in no way to be used in place of a doctor, dentist, nutritionist, or vet.  Miracle II is to be used with the OK of a health professional and if your are already on medications or protocols with a health professional get their OK to use Miracle II. Be safe and smart.
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