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Hi, my name is Kathy Zozula and I have been using and distributing the Miracle II  products for over 20 years. My family and I use it for practically all of our cleaning needs.

During my time as a distributor I have made many friends from around the world and have heard lots of wonderful stories. I smile when someone says,"This soap is like nothing else I have ever tried and I love it!" It makes people happy to use it. 

Clayton Tedeton made the first batch of soap over 30 year ago in his kitchen. Since then he has added a few more natural products all complimentary to each other and based on the same formula.  He passed on a few years ago but it was my great privilege to call him friend and to have talked to him many times. He had a contagious laugh and hearing or telling  stories about Miracle II gave him great joy. His son continues the business and new people are discovering it every day.

There are 5 basic products:

Regular Soap
Moisturizing Soap
Moisturizing Lotion

plus there are multiple strengths, sizes
and a few other MII items

I don't advertise my low prices but you can quickly request them below:

Price list

 call 724-455-1622

call or text 412-558-0438

My phone hours are 8:30am-9:30pm EST Monday-Saturday and  1:00 pm-8:00pm Sunday.
    If there is no answer please leave a message. I answer all inquiries within 24 hours. I would love to answer any questions you have, place an order for you or share some testimonies.

All orders are shipped no later than the next business day and are shipped directly to you from the Miracle II company to ensure every bottle is fresh.

I sell to most countries and all states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Call for information.

I can provide you with information on using the products in the home, on the body and for your animals. I have gained this knowledge by using the products myself and from talking to customers over the years who share their stories and inspirations with me.

Thank you for visiting my site. I have been asked many times to create one so here it is. I will add more information frequently so check back often and feedback is always welcome.


A friend and customer from Massachusetts gave me a nickname a few years ago that I love and actually have taped to my computer.
"Soapstress Extraordinaire"

  My wish is for every person to become their optimal self.


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