Let me explain the title Cuckoofest. The name Zozula is Ukrainian for cuckoo bird. This is very fitting for
     our family in that we are all rather cuckoo about living life to its fullest. Every summer we have a party for all
       of our friends called Cuckoofest. It is a time for us to share all the new things we have learned throughout
       the year.

                                                                    Painting by one of our z-kids  - Cuckoofest 2003

So I want this page to be a bit personal and filled with interesting finds that I put on to entertain
  and inform.  So check back often. I will add quotes, recipes, links, pictures, a few extra Miracle II tips or
  anything else I think will brighten you day.

A friend and customer shared this quote with me this morning.  Made me laugh out loud. About sums up her life and mine.
                               "I'm so busy I don't know if I found a rope or lost my horse."

                                                                                    A quote from a custom:
"A beautiful product in one ugly bottle"
 Haha, remember, its what's on the inside that counts.

                                                          A quote I have on my desk from a friend

"Promise me you'll always remember:
                                                               You're braver than you believe,
                                                                 and stronger than you seem,
                                                                 and smarter than you think."

                                                                   Christopher Robin to Pooh


                                                               This is where I buy my pH tape:

Music to take a bath to: 
When I was young my grandmother played the organ at church and taught piano to children. I remember classical playing from her big stereo record player in the evenings. This was one of my favorites. It is 27 minutes long so would make for a long luxurious bubble bath. Even if your bath is shorter if is lovely and relaxing for the time you have.

                                                       Erik Satie




                        My customers know how much I love art, cards, flower petals and notes with payments.
                                           I feel everyone is an artist and I am thrilled by these expressions.

I am going to use this space to display them as I get them. I have a box full from over the years but it would take too long to download them all. Just know I keep most of them and appreciate every one!! I humbly thank you.
                                                                    Above all I cherish your friendships.  KZ


                                                                     A shout out to Mary Foster Rodriguez
I have known Mary for about 10 years now. She calls a few times a year to get her MII from me but I consider her a friend. She is from Florida and is very knowledgeable on health, nutrition, the blood type diet, animal health and Miracle II. Last year I went through a very stressful time that hurt my health in certain areas. Stress is a scary adversary I have come to realize. I had never experienced it like this before. It can be beat though. By giving me a few tips on what to add and subtract from my life and diet she helped me tremendously. I have never felt better. She has a positive, caring attitude plus a ton of knowledge. She is a blessing to me!!! Actually, I was in a bubble bath the other day and it dawned on me, I hadn't felt this free since I was 10 years old. It was an amazing realization. Rather Benjamin Button-ish. ha.

                            If you would like to contact Mary for a consultation, her website is : drmfrod.com
                                                                                   Tell her Kathy sent you.

                                                                My new addiction is Gardening!!
I am so excited that February is here. I saved a lot of seeds from last years garden but do need to start checking out seed catalogs.  Here are 3 of my favorites: Johnny's Selected Seeds,  The Whole Seed Catalog and John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds for finding heirloom and organic seed. I also pick up seed from our local co-op. A longtime friend and customer shared with me this wonderful video on how to make gardening easier and more productive.       Wonderful and simple.

          trailer and short version : Back to Eden
           long version : Back to Eden
           Enjoy and prepare while it snows.



                                                         Pollen and Mold... It is that time of year again.

Here in Pennsylvania the grass and tree pollens are very high plus at times the ozone is bad. Mold is also on the rise. I use to be the queen of allergies. Hay fever and asthma were my constant companions. I could not go to sleep at night without a box of tissues next to my bed. They started when I was 12. I have now learned to control mine through diet and exercise but I have gotten many reports of people putting a few drops of neutralizer or a drop of gel into each nostril and getting lots of help with hay fever. Also, before bed taking a bath or shower and washing all the pollen off can help. I have been outside gardening for the last month and not one wheeze or sneeze(well maybe one or two sneezes). I look at my health like a see saw. If pollen and mold get added onto the bad side then I either have to take something off the bad side of the see saw or add something beneficial to the good side. It is a constant adjustment but worth the work. In my life MII is one of those things I always have on the good side.

                             In the meantime watch this video and maybe laughing will make you feel better.
                                                                                      Sneezing Animals

                                                       Gesundheit("health") and God Bless You

Out of the Mouth of Babes
- a customer and friend sent this to me this morning. Made my morning.

Kids really do want to eat healthy.

NEW 1/2014 :    Bud Nip experiment. Eat organic or grow your own food!!

The Potato Experiment.


                                               Urban Food Forest..... Love love love this idea.
                                                From my perspective I believe most people are good and honest.
                                                                  Maybe it will catch on. Good for you Seattle.


                                                                                 The Value of a Tree
                  My favorite thing about trees is they house birds and squirrels. I admits it, I have hugged a few. : )
                To me everyday is Arbor Day. One of my favorite springtime things to do it plant a few red bud trees.
      Right outside our back porch is a black walnut tree that is over 80 years old. The girls use to have a wooden swing hanging from one of its branches. Right now it is home to a wonderful family of robins.

                         One of my favorite Children's books is The Giving Tree - you can read it here

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers.  You  will always find people who are helping.'"
 Mr. Fred Rogers


"If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in"
Rachel Carson


  The healing power of touch - Massage:
One very important part of our family's life is massage. As an expectant mother I had read the importance of massage for health and bonding so knew I wanted to do that for my children. From the minute we brought our daughters home from the hospital I have given them head, back, hand, foot, and neck massages. Still to this day, even at 25-30 years old, if I am sitting still they will put their back towards me as a signal to rub their backs, necks and head. That or I get feet plopped into my lap. It is a habit for me to rub someone's back or feet if I am sitting down.

Many of my friend's children know this as well and will come up to me on the couch and stick their feet close to me without saying a word. I usually grab a foot and begin tugging at their toes and rubbing the arch. They LOVE it. One little 3 year old does this and says, "rub"… haha. I think massage is one of the nicest things we can do for the people we love. My husband and I give each other a back rub at least twice a week. Nothing relieves tension and relaxes like a back rub. I read somewhere Bob Hope got a massage every day for 63 years. He lived to be 100. I believe it. If stress is the killer, this is the answer.

I use Miracle II sometimes for massage:
For feet and hands I like to take 1/2 tsp regular or 7x gel and mix it with one drop of lavender oil. I really feel the gel is a good carrier for essential oils. Lavender is very soothing and has lots of health applications. I use Young Living oils. The scent is good for everyone involved.

For backs, I like to take a tsp of of regular or 7x gel and mix it with 2 drops of cold pressed edible oil, like coconut or olive. Gel alone is good for a short rub but for a 1/2 hour back massage it can evaporate leaving my hands sticky  so I add the oil. The oil moisturizes the person's back as you give the massage.

If my husband has a knot in his lower back I will alternate 7x gel and tiger balm a few times while I work on them. This really does the job. His back ache will be gone in a few short days.

 Here are some links:
Tiger Balm

Lavender Oil

Reflex Points on Hands and Feet.

The Importance of Massage - Giving and Receiving


                                                    Corn By Any Other Name Is Still Corn!!
Most of us know not to eat corn anymore, well unless you know a farmer who grows it organically at least a few miles from any commercially GMO grown corn. I just avoid it. The problem is it goes by many names. The first link gives some of those names and it doesn't even list them all. The second link is a story of someone who wasn't eating corn but actually ingested and used it 23 times in one day. Sneaky sneaky industry. I hope this helps educate everyone. Knowledge is power.



Miracle II contains no corn. : )

"When you wake up in the morning, Pooh," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?"
"What's for breakfast? said Pooh. "What do you say, Piglet?"
"I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully.
"It's the same thing," he said.

  This is one of my favorite quote's from A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh but I would have to add alongside
  "What's for Breakfast?" the line,"and I need to start a bubble bath."

A wonderful place to find local pasture fed meat. Initially you have to invest more but over the year the savings is amazing. Grass fed meat is very lean and delicious.

Wheat grass juice is one of my favorite things!!!

What Dr Mercola has to say about wheatgreass


I have always been a huge fan of Ann Wigmore.  I actually met one of her good friends while living in California in 1985. She had lots of great stories to tell about eating raw and of knowing Ann. Here is a great story about Ann's younger years and what led her to discover the amazing value in sprouts. I think if she hadn't died in a fire she would still be here helping people. Her story is amazing. My favorite paragraph is the last one. It talks about negative ions and their health benefits. Miracle II also has negative ions.

Her childhood story

I try and incorporate sprouts into my diet daily. As Ann says in her book, "You don't have to eat 100% raw but adding sprouts and raw food to your diet adds necessary nutrition." I only eat 50-75% raw and find my body loves it. With sprouts be careful of your source. The best is to make your own. They need to be fresh.

"Some people are early birds but there is also the story of the early worm. Remember it is OK to sleep in sometimes and rest. It may save your life."

Pictures from Robin Hill Farm, our organic 5 acre homestead maintained totally with Miracle II products.





      Who doesn't love bubbles? Here is a cool video to learn more. I think after watching this you will look
                                                          at your bubble bath differently. I do.


One of my passions is photography:



Wouldn't this be nice : )


My husband and I have been married 33 years. Throughout our marriage he has written over 100 journals. He is an       artist and writer and inspires me daily. In this section I want to share some of  those inspirations. In our home we have a saying, "Square the Circle" (Ajustez Le Cercle - loose translation) . To us life is a circle of new and old, birth and death, giving and receiving. Ever changing, yet ever constant. A constant flow of learning and moving forward.  Touching others and in turn they will do the same. To square it means to take time to frame different moments. To put them to memory and recognise how special life is. Never taking it for granted, being thankful and appreciating it.
 i went searching for productivity and found her in the garden. she was on her knees pulling weeds. "who are your enemies?" i asked her, offering a glass of gerolsteiner with lemon juice. "carelessness and neglect," she said, yanking on a weed. she tossed it into her wheelbarrow and took the water, downing it without pause. "how do you accomplish so much?" i continued. "cultivation," she said and returned the glass. "everything wants to grow," she added, "but not without this." it was here that she gathered up a generous handful of topsoil. she sensed my obvious curiosity. "you must give it more than you take from it."

i asked endurance how she keeps going, day after day. she swigged her water, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and then reached into the back pocket of her jeans. she handed me a card. it had these words. black ink on white:


i asked a flower if blooming was most important. she blushed. "no," she said looking down. "making seeds."


i asked individuality if i was unique. she lifted one eyebrow and then looked down at the snowflakes as they gathered on her outstretched arm. "sure," she said. "if someone looks close enough."


i asked strength how she does it. she looked at me, closed her eyes and sighed. her eyes opened like a stage curtain when a play begins. "you've got to want it," she said.


i asked patience how long. she looked at me without saying anything. i think i saw the sun rise and then set. finally she pointed at a tree.     "that's how long," she said.


                                                        we see only the reverse side of the exquisite fabric.


The most economical way to buy juicing carrots is to find someone who sells seconds. I get them through my daughter's restaurant. These are carrots that have unusual sizes and shapes that can't be sold in regular carrot bags. As an artist I find this extremely fun. Though some are just too cute to juice. Most of these I found doing an image search. You can do the same. Lots of funny ones.

Pass it on:


I have been using this system for years, especially at regular grocery stores. It is still in place last time I looked. At least, for now, you can use this to help identify the quality of your produce and where it comes from. How long before this changes? Who knows? As always, buy local and get to know the farmers in your area. They are your best bet. Stock up at the farmer's markets.

One time I went to a farmer's market in Pittsburgh and asked a farmer if his produce was organic.  Harmless question, right? He motioned me over to a corner and asked me in a low voice if I worked for the government. I laughed.... me? No way. Anyway, he whispered that it was organic but it was too expensive to certify it. He didn't want to get shut down for saying that. The way we were in the corner whispering you would have thought I was buying drugs instead of organic produce. It was a weird, sad experience. His kale and tomatoes were off the charts good. His tomatoes were heirloom.

Just remember the environment is getting more polluted every day. Wash all produce well in a Miracle II bath. I heard a guy speak on one of Clayton's radio shows about 13 years ago about the air quality. He said he was retired from the Pentagon. He and a crew began taking air samples and found every sample polluted. Some tests made them sick. He said, "I am not a MII distributor and do not make one penny saying this, but the MII soap is the only thing I have found that completely washes the stuff in the air back off our bodies and food." I don't remember his name or anything else except this statement. Made me happy that I was already using it. Organic produce is still grown outside in the air and dirt so remember wash, wash wash. Just 1 tsp in a sink of water and soak the product for 20 minutes.


                                                                       Laughter is the Best Medicine
                                                                                         Proverbs 17:22
                                         I challenge you not to laugh
- babies with rubber bands

***************************************************************************************************************                                                          I Love Chickens
One of the best places I have ever found to buy chicks and pullets is Murray McMurray. It is fun to have the post office call and give you a box full of peeping chicks. The have all kinds. The catalog is a pleasure to look through. My favorites are the Marans(chocolate colored eggs), Polish(feathery heads and hilariously sweet), Barred Rocks(black and white speckled plumage), Araucanas(blue and green eggs)and Rhode Island Reds(prolific layers). It is Easter every day!

                                                                               Murray McMurray Hatchery
This site has lots of helpful information on raising chickens... funny too.
                                                                                 Backyard Chickens


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